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Bare Printed Circuit Boards

Nothing less than perfect


Kaizen partner with a small number of highly reputable U.K based PCB suppliers. Through these vendors we source PCB’s manufactured both in the U.K and Asia depending on quantity, turnaround and complexity required.

Our high volume purchasing levels means that you benefit from our buying power, giving you advantages of economies of scale.

Prior to manufacture all our PCB’s undergo a rigorous engineering check in the U.K, with any anomalies found being fed back to you and resolved before production commences.

All our PCB’s are manufactured to UL standard and are inspected by IPC-A-600 specialist inspectors.

If not already done so, as part of the UK engineering check, Kaizen will design the PCB panel ensuring the most efficient and economical manufacture PCB assembly can occur. We also take care that the panel configuration is robust enough to withstand the manufacture process.

  • Turnarounds from 48 hours
  • Up to 40x layers
  • Buried, blind and filled via’s
  • Gold plating
  • Solder mask colour options
  • All surface finishes
  • All materials
  • UK or Far East manufacture
  • Vacuum packed quantities that match your monthly requirements
  • Baking of unsealed PCB’s

If you’d like to know about our PCB offering, give Kaizen a call.